Why do my gel polish cure not on my press-on nails?

If your gel polish isn't curing properly on your press-on nails, several factors could be contributing to the issue. Here are some common reasons and solutions:

  1. Inadequate UV/LED Lamp Power:

    • Ensure that your UV/LED lamp has sufficient power. Some lamps may not provide enough curing strength, resulting in incomplete curing. If your lamp is old or has low wattage, consider upgrading to a higher-powered lamp.
  2. Incorrect Curing Time:

    • Follow the recommended curing time for your specific gel polish. Some polishes may require longer curing times, and using less time than recommended can lead to incomplete curing.
  3. Thick Layers of Gel Polish:

    • Applying thick layers of gel polish can hinder proper curing. Apply thin, even coats, and cure each layer according to the instructions. If necessary, do multiple thin layers rather than one thick layer.
  4. Incompatible Base or Top Coat:

    • Ensure that you are using a compatible base coat and top coat with your gel polish. Using products from the same brand and line is often recommended to ensure compatibility.
  5. Press-On Nail Material:

    • The material of your press-on nails can impact curing. Some materials may not transmit UV/LED light effectively. If possible, choose press-on nails made from materials designed for gel polish applications.
  6. Clean Nails Properly:

    • Ensure that your natural nails or the surface of the press-on nails are clean and free from oils. Use rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove any residue before applying the gel polish.
  7. Expired or Old Gel Polish:

    • Check the expiration date of your gel polish. Expired or old polish may not cure properly. If it's past its expiration date, consider purchasing a fresh bottle.
  8. Check Lamp Bulbs:

    • If using a UV lamp, check the bulbs for signs of aging or damage. UV bulbs lose their curing strength over time and may need replacement.
  9. Apply Gel Polish in Thin Layers:

    • Ensure that each layer of gel polish is applied in thin, even coats. Thicker layers can result in incomplete curing.

If you've addressed these factors and the problem persists, it may be worth consulting the specific instructions provided with your gel polish or seeking advice from the brand's customer support.

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