Why are gel nails considered to be bad? The Truth

Like any beauty trend, there are often misconceptions and concerns surrounding them. In this article, we'll address common misconceptions and shed light on the reality of gel nails, helping you understand why they are not necessarily "bad."

Understanding Gel Nails

  • What Are Gel Nails?: Gel nails are artificial nail enhancements made from a gel-like substance that is cured under a UV or LED lamp, providing a glossy, natural appearance. Builder gel is a specific type of gel used to extend and shape natural nails, providing a solid foundation for various nail enhancements.

Addressing Concerns About Gel Nails

1. Damage to Natural Nails:

  • Reality: When applied and removed correctly by a skilled technician, gel nails do not inherently cause damage to the natural nails. The key lies in proper application, maintenance, and safe removal processes.

2. Weakening of Nails:

  • Reality: Gel nails can actually add strength to the natural nails. The gel provides a protective layer, reducing the risk of breakage and promoting healthy nail growth.

3. Chemical Exposure:

  • Reality: Gel nails do involve the use of chemicals during the application process. However, reputable nail salons use high-quality, safe products that minimize exposure to harmful chemicals. Additionally, proper ventilation in salons helps mitigate any risks associated with chemical use.

4. Maintenance Challenges:

  • Reality: While gel nails require maintenance, like infills as the natural nails grow, they are not necessarily more challenging to maintain than other nail enhancement options. Regular maintenance appointments help keep gel nails looking fresh and intact.

5. Potential Allergic Reactions:

  • Reality: Allergic reactions can occur, but they are relatively rare. Reputable salons perform patch tests to ensure clients don't have adverse reactions to the gel or other products used.

6. DIY Risks:

  • Reality: The risks associated with gel nails often stem from incorrect DIY application or removal. It's crucial to follow proper instructions and seek professional help for safe application and removal.


Gel nails are not inherently "bad" when applied, maintained, and removed correctly. The concerns associated with builder gels, such as damage to natural nails, weakening, exposure to chemicals, maintenance challenges, potential allergic reactions, and DIY risks, can be mitigated through proper care and professional application.

Choosing a reputable salon with skilled technicians who prioritize nail health and use high-quality products significantly reduces any risks associated with gel nails. Additionally, following aftercare instructions and seeking professional help for maintenance and removal ensures a safe and enjoyable experience with gel nails. As with any beauty enhancement, understanding the process, using reputable products, and prioritizing nail health are essential steps toward a positive and satisfying gel nail experience.

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