Where can I find salon-grade nail glue?


Press-on nails make it possible to achieve professional-looking nails from the convenience of your own home, from popular stick-on nails and soft gel press-on nails to the more versatile soft gel press-on nails. However, for an authentic salon finish the choice of nail glue is crucial; in this comprehensive guide we explore where you can find salon-grade glue. From reliable sources to product recommendations we cover your search for salon-worthy results when DIY manicures.

Importance of Salon-Grade Nail Glue

Before we dive into the sources and recommendations for salon-grade nail glue, it's essential to understand why this distinction matters:

Professional-Quality Results:

  • Salon-grade nail glue is formulated to provide a strong and durable bond, ensuring that your press-on nails stay securely in place, just like they would at a professional salon.

Longevity and Wear:

  • The right nail glue can significantly extend the lifespan of your manicure, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful nails for an extended period.

Minimizing Risks:

  • High-quality nail glue reduces the risk of press-on nails popping off prematurely, preventing potential embarrassments and inconveniences.

Now, let's explore the options for obtaining salon-grade nail glue.


Reputable Sources for Salon-Grade Nail Glue

  1. Beauty Supply Stores:
    • Physical beauty supply stores often carry a wide selection of salon-grade nail products, including nail glue. Visit a well-established store known for quality products and seek recommendations from staff.
  2. Online Retailers:
    • Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and specialized beauty supply websites offer a vast array of nail glue options. Look for products with high ratings and positive reviews from users.
  3. Salon Suppliers:
    • Suppliers that cater to nail salons and professionals may also sell salon-grade nail glue to the public. Check if they have an online store or a physical location you can visit.
  4. Nail Brands' Official Websites:
    • Many reputable nail brands offer their products directly to consumers through their official websites. Purchasing from the brand's official site ensures authenticity and quality.
  5. Nail Salons and Technicians:
    • Some nail salons and technicians sell nail products, including nail glue, to their clients. If you have a trusted salon or technician, inquire about purchasing nail glue from them.
  6. Beauty Subscription Boxes:
    • Some beauty subscription boxes include salon-grade nail products as part of their offerings. Subscribing to such a service can be a convenient way to access quality nail glue.


    Recommended Salon-Grade Nail Glue Brands

    While there are numerous options available, here are a few reputable salon-grade nail glue brands to consider:

    1. Kiss: Kiss is known for its high-quality nail products, including nail glue that offers a strong and secure bond.

    2. IBD: IBD is a trusted brand in the nail industry, offering professional-grade nail adhesive known for its reliability.

    3. ASP (All Season Professional): ASP provides salon-quality nail products, including nail glue, favored by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

    4. Mia Secret: Mia Secret is renowned for its professional nail products, including adhesive options that ensure lasting results.

    5. Elegant Touch Elegant Touch offers salon-grade nail glue designed for flawless press-on nail application.


    Achieving salon-quality results with your press-on nails is not only possible but also within reach when you have the right tools, including salon-grade nail glue. By exploring reputable sources and choosing from trusted brands, you can ensure that your DIY manicures are not only beautiful but also long-lasting and secure. Whether you prefer stick-on nails or soft gel press-on nails, the choice of salon-grade nail glue will elevate your nail game to a professional level, ensuring that your nails look and feel fantastic for days to come.

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