What can I use instead of nail glue or tape?


Press-on nails, whether traditional stick-on nails or the flexible soft gel press-on nails, have revolutionized DIY manicures. While nail glue and adhesive tape are common choices for securing these fashionable enhancements, some might prefer alternatives. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore creative and effective alternatives to nail glue or tape for attaching press-on nails. From household items to specialized nail adhesives, we'll provide you with options to ensure that your press-on nails stay securely in place, giving you the freedom to achieve stunning manicures without the traditional adhesives.


Why Explore Alternatives?

Before we dive into the alternatives, it's important to understand why someone might seek options other than nail glue or tape:

Sensitivity or Allergies:

  • Some individuals may have skin sensitivities or allergies to the chemicals found in nail glue, making alternative options more appealing.

Temporary Wear:

  • If you prefer short-term nail enhancements for special occasions, alternatives that allow for easy removal without residue may be preferred.

Convenience and Accessibility:

  • You might not have nail glue or tape on hand, but readily available alternatives can make DIY manicures more convenient.

Now, let's explore various alternatives to nail glue or tape for securing press-on nails.


Various Alternatives

1. Adhesive Tabs (Pre-Cut or Custom Cut):

  • Adhesive tabs, similar to double-sided tape, are designed for nail applications. You can find pre-cut tabs or purchase sheets of adhesive and cut them to match the size of your nails.

2. Clear Nail Polish:

  • A layer of clear nail polish can act as a temporary adhesive. Apply it to your natural nails and press on the press-on nails while the polish is still tacky.

3. Toothpaste (Temporary Fix):

  • Toothpaste can provide a temporary adhesive for quick, short-term wear. Apply a small amount to your natural nail and press on the press-on nail.

4. Sticker Paper or Washi Tape:

  • Cut pieces of sticker paper or washi tape to match the size and shape of your press-on nails. These can provide a secure hold without traditional adhesives.

5. Eyelash Glue:

  • Clear eyelash glue, known for its skin-friendly properties, can be used as an alternative adhesive for press-on nails. Apply a thin layer on your natural nail and attach the press-on nail.

6. Rubber Cement (Temporary Fix):

  • Rubber cement can provide a temporary bond for short-term wear. Apply a thin layer to your natural nail and press on the press-on nail while the cement is still tacky.


Tips for Using Alternatives

  • Clean and prep your natural nails before applying any alternative adhesive for better adhesion.
  • Ensure that the alternative adhesive you choose is safe for skin contact and does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Be mindful of the temporary nature of some alternatives and be prepared for easier removal.
  • Experiment with different alternatives to find the one that works best for your preferences and needs.
  • Keep a small supply of your chosen alternative on hand for quick touch-ups or nail emergencies.



Exploring alternatives to nail glue or tape for attaching press-on nails can open up new possibilities for DIY manicures. Whether you have sensitivities, prefer temporary wear, or simply want to try something different, these creative options can help you achieve secure and stunning press-on nails looks. With a little experimentation and attention to detail, you can confidently express your style with stick-on or soft gel press-on nails while using alternative adhesives that suit your needs and preferences.

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