What are the different types of gel nails?

With various types of gel nails to choose from, individuals can find the perfect style that suits their preferences and lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the different types of gel nails available, including builder gel, to help you understand your options.

The Many Faces of Gel Nails

Gel nails come in various forms, each with its unique characteristics and applications. Here are some of the most popular types:

1. Builder Gel:

  • What is Builder Gel?: Builder gel is a dense, viscous gel used to extend and shape the natural nails. It provides the foundation for nail enhancements and nail art.

  • Use: Builder gel is used to build and extend the length of natural nails, creating a strong and durable foundation for nail designs.

  • Characteristics: It is thicker than other gel types, allowing for sculpting and shaping to create the desired nail extension.

2. Hard Gel:

  • What is Hard Gel?: Hard gel is a dense, sturdy gel that is perfect for creating durable nail extensions.

  • Use: Hard gel is suitable for individuals who need strong, long-lasting nail enhancements.

  • Characteristics: It requires curing under a UV or LED lamp and provides a robust and firm nail extension that is less likely to chip or break.

3. Soft Gel:

  • What is Soft Gel?: Soft gel, also known as soak-off gel, is a more flexible and lightweight gel option.

  • Use: Soft gel is typically used for shorter extensions and is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more natural look.

  • Characteristics: Soft gel is cured under a UV or LED lamp but is more flexible than hard gel, providing a natural and comfortable feel.

4. Poly Gel:

  • What is Poly Gel?: Poly gel is a hybrid between acrylic and hard gel, offering flexibility and strength.

  • Use: Poly gel is ideal for those who want both strength and flexibility in their nail enhancements.

  • Characteristics: It can be shaped and sculpted like hard gel but is lighter and more flexible, making it comfortable to wear.

5. Soak-Off Gel:

  • What is Soak-Off Gel?: Soak-off gel, as the name suggests, is a type of gel nail that can be easily removed by soaking in acetone.

  • Use: Soak-off gel is perfect for those who like to change their nail color frequently.

  • Characteristics: It can be applied like other gel nails and is designed for easy removal without causing damage to the natural nails.

6. Gel Polish:

  • What is Gel Polish?: Gel polish is a hybrid between regular nail polish and gel.

  • Use: Gel polish is applied like regular nail polish but offers the durability and shine of gel nails.

  • Characteristics: It requires curing under a UV or LED lamp and provides long-lasting color without chipping.

Choosing the Right Gel Nail Type

The choice of gel nails type depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Builder gel is excellent for those seeking durable extensions, while soft gel is perfect for a more natural look. Poly gel offers a balance between strength and flexibility, and soak-off gel is ideal for those who like to change their nail color frequently.

Whichever type you choose, gel nails provide endless possibilities for creativity and stunning nail designs. Consult with a nail technician to determine the best option for your unique style and needs.

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