Tips to Make Press-On or False Nails Last Longer in Australia

Press-on nails, also known as false nails, are a convenient and cost-effective way to achieve stylish manicures without the commitment of acrylics or gels. To make your press-on nails last longer in Australia, follow these tips for better adhesion and maintenance:

1. Prepare Your Natural Nails Properly:

  • Clean and Dry Nails: Ensure your natural nails are clean and dry before application. Use nail polish remover to eliminate any oils or residues.

  • Push Back Cuticles: Gently push back your cuticles to create a smooth nail bed for better adhesion.

2. Choose High-Quality Press-On Nails:

  • Opt for Quality: Invest in high-quality press-on nails from reputable brands to ensure they have strong adhesive and a good fit.

3. Correct Sizing:

  • Select the Right Size: Choose press-on nails that closely match the size and shape of your natural nails to minimize the need for trimming.

4. Apply with Precision:

  • Use Nail Glue: While many press-on nails come with adhesive tabs, using nail glue provides a more secure hold. Apply the glue sparingly, focusing on the center and edges of the nail.

  • Press Firmly: Apply each press-on nail firmly and evenly to your natural nail, holding it in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to bond.

5. Avoid Excessive Water Exposure:

  • Limit Contact with Water: Excessive exposure to water, such as prolonged baths or swimming, can weaken the adhesive. Use gloves when washing dishes or performing water-related activities.

6. Protect the Edges:

  • Seal the Edges: Apply a clear top coat along the edges of the press-on nails to create a protective seal. This helps prevent water and debris from getting underneath the nails.

7. Nail Glue Maintenance:

  • Carry Extra Glue: If you experience any lifting or lose a press-on nail, carry a small tube of nail glue for quick repairs. Gently remove the detached nail, reapply glue, and press it back in place.

8. Practice Gentle Handling:

  • Avoid Excessive Pressure: Be cautious not to use your nails for activities that may put excessive pressure on them, such as opening cans or using them as tools.

9. Regular Maintenance:

  • Regularly Inspect and Refit: Check your press-on nails for any signs of lifting or damage. If necessary, reapply any that have become loose.

10. Time Your Wear:

  • Give Your Nails a Break: To maintain the health of your natural nails, consider giving them a break between applications of press-on nails.

By following these tips and taking care when applying, wearing, and maintaining your press-on nails, you can help extend their longevity. With proper care, your press-on nails can stay in place and look great for an extended period in Australia.

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