How do I wear fake nails without damaging nature nails? Nails Kits


Fake nails have become an increasingly popular solution for nail care and beauty enthusiasts looking to achieve stunning manicures without the commitment or potential damage associated with traditional acrylic or gel nails. Commonly referred to as soft gel press-on nails, fake nails provide an exciting new way to experiment with various nail styles without endangering the health of natural nails. In this article we will outline best practices for wearing fake nails safely so your real ones remain strong and healthy.


Fake Nails

Artificial nails (commonly referred to as press-on nails or artificial extensions) are extensions composed of various materials like acrylic, gel or plastic that extend past the natural nail plate. Soft gel press-on nails are particularly popular due to their lightweight yet flexible nature; soft gel press-on nails come predesigned in various shapes and sizes for convenient salon-quality nails from your own home!

Concerns surrounding fake nails include their potential damage to natural nails. With proper application and care techniques, however, you can enjoy their advantages while maintaining their health and integrity.

How to Wear Fake Nails Safely

Start By Selecting Quality Nail Kits:

Begin by selecting high-quality nail kits featuring soft gel press-on nails. Many kits also provide adhesive tabs or glue for safe and effortless application of these artificial nails. Quality matters because superior materials will less likely cause any harm to real nails during application.

Proper Application:

Carefully follow the application instructions when applying soft gel press-on nails. Begin by thoroughly cleansing and prepping your natural nails, making sure they are clear of oils or residue. Carefully place soft gel press-on nails using either adhesive tabs or nail glue - any excess glue must also fit within your natural nail shape for best results!

Avoid Overuse:

Whilst fake nails offer an efficient means to achieve beautiful manicures, be wary of using them continuously without breaks - your natural nails need time to breathe and rejuvenate! Consider wearing fake nails only on special occasions or events.

Regular Maintenance:

Tweak Your Fake Nails And Natural Nails If any signs of damage or lifting appear on either, remove press-on nails gently from your natural nails so they may recover naturally.

Gentle Removal:

When it's time to remove fake nails, it should be done carefully and slowly. Soaking nails in warm soapy water for several minutes may help soften adhesive bonds so it's easier to unstick press-on nails without damaging them in any way.

Moisturize and Nourish:

Keep your natural nails well hydrated by applying cuticle oil or an intensive nail treatment such as Biotin to them regularly, as hydrated nails are less likely to break or become weak over time.

Avoid Excessive Filing:

When applying fake nails, avoid excessive filing or buffing of natural nails. Minimal filing will suffice in creating an slightly rough surface for greater adhesion of fake nail appliers.

Choose Adhesives Wisely:

When possible, adhesive tabs are safer alternatives to strong nail glues as they provide secure hold without using harsh chemicals.

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Wearing fake nails such as soft gel press-on nails can be a pleasurable experience that helps express your style and creativity. By following proper procedures for application, maintenance, and removal, you can enjoy all the advantages of fake nails without risking damage to nature nails. Be sure to choose high-quality nail kits, apply the nails carefully, take breaks for natural nail hydration and health purposes and prioritize soft gel press-on nails as an option that combines style with nail-friendly materials, helping ensure they remain beautiful over time.

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